The immense positivity we received upon having successfully completed our first ever fundraising tournament last year left us overwhelmed with aspiration towards the future. With this morale tucked in our hearts we return this year, with the second chapter of Quest For Valour. We hold onto our roots as Raphael Teaches is the event sponsor for a second time around. As we strive to make an impact bolder than ever before, all funds garnered through this tournament go entirely towards the resolution and prevention of issues surrounding the lack of safe drinking water in Bangladesh. To that end, we are collaborating with Footsteps Bangladesh to contribute to their virtuous project, Project Trishna. 


Registration has to be completed by July 27. Please register using the following link. The entry fee of the tournament is 400 taka (if there is no substitute) and has to be submitted within July 27 to the Bkash Number 01748517234. Please give your reference as “QFV_TeamName” ; for example “QFV_TeamShape”. We will confirm your registration as soon as we receive your payment. 

Prize Pool

  • Champions: 5000tk prize
  • 1st Runners Up: 3500tk prize
  • 2nd Runners Up: 1500tk prize


Wednesday Fixtures (04/08/2021):

Lower Brackets (04/08/21):

7:00 PM
– M57: AG Esports CaliX VS LVT | Under The Radar — Bunny#sick

8:30 PM
– M58: NZO Esports VS [NMS] Assassins — Light#5023

9:00 PM
– M59: AG Esports CaliX VS Winner of M58 — NightEagle#6477




You may take upto 2 substitutes for a team. For each substitute you will have to pay an extra sum of 50 taka. You have to mention the substitute in the registration form as well. You cannot substitute during the matches.

Tournament Format

  • The tournament will be held in a double elimination format. All teams will start off in the Upper bracket and a loss will result in them being demoted to the Lower bracket.  Losing in the Lower bracket will result in elimination from the tournament.
  • All the matches will be best of 1 except the brackets’ final and grand finale
  • The Upper and Lower bracket finals will be a best of three
  • The Grand Finale will be best of 5

Tournament Fixtures

  • The fixtures of the tournament will be uploaded here 1 day before the tournament starts
  • The weekend (Friday and Saturday) matches are to begin from 3 PM
  • The weekday matches are to begin from 6 PM

General Rules

  • Rematch requests will not be entertained
  • The match timings may be shifted at the discretion of the organizers if both sides agree
  • Teams are to show up to their designated channels 10 minutes before the match starts. If a team fails to show up, the opponent will receive a walkover.
  • Teams are to mention any substitutes, if present, in the registration form
  • Profanity in chat is discouraged, and aggravating the opposing team through chat is strictly forbidden

Match Setup

Mode: Standard
Map: Depending on coin toss and ban phase
Side: Depending on coin toss

Allow Cheats: Off
Tournament Mode: On
Overtime Win by Two: On

Gameplay Rules

    1. The tournament is to be held in a 5v5 format, and teams may not have any more than 5 members in game.
    2. The tournament will follow the standard competitive economy guidelines
    3. In the event of a team member getting disconnected from their match while it is still ongoing, their team is allowed to have a pause during the next prep phase if they wish to wait for the individual to reconnect. The pause may last a maximum of 5 minutes, after which the respective team has to play on without the missing player. The missing individual may return at any time while the game is in progress afterwards.
    4. Having Moss is mandatory from the semifinals of the tournament. All teams are to submit their individual moss files within a maximum of 30 minutes after the games has concluded, using this link
    5. Any activity or conduct deemed suspicious by the organizers will be subjected to further revision.
    6. Using any form of 3rd party software to gain a competitive advantage is firmly prohibited and will result in instant disqualification.
    7. Exploiting any sort of bug or glitch present in the game is a punishable offense and may result in an instant disqualification.
    8. Swapping players in the midst of a match is strictly forbidden, and will result in immediate disqualification.
    9. The newest map Breeze is banned from the tournament.
    10. Ban Phases:
      1. There will be a map ban phase before the game where both teams ban 2 maps each. 4 maps in total will be banned out of 5
      2. A coin toss will decide which team gets to choose whether they want to ban first or second. Since there are 5 maps in the game, the team that bans second ultimately gets to choose what map is played, as they have the final ban.
      3. A regular turn by turn banning phase will take place for the maps.
      4. The team which bans first, gets to pick the side (attack or defense) 
    11. If you are planning to stream, we advise you to keep a stream delay of minimum 2 minutes to prevent any form of misconduct during the event. We would request you to mention our purpose behind the tournament on your stream, so as to aid in broadening the impact of Project Trishna, and further our joint cause of resolving water-related crises afflicting our country
    12. We reserve the right to join team voice channels in the middle of a match for supervision, and to ensure fair play.
    13. We reserve the right to disqualify any parties that have acted in violation of the rules, or have given us sufficient cause or evidence to believe them to be doing so.

Final Remarks

  • All the rules are to be followed rigorously. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  • All teams are encouraged to show sportsmanship and enjoy themselves in this humble tournament.
  • All profits from the tournament will go towards remedying water-born crises throughout Bangladesh.
  • Also, please mark “Interested” or “Going to” the Facebook event as it helps in spreading the word and garnering more participants.


For any queries You can reach us at