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Sheether Asroy

1st Nov 2020 - 30th Dec 2020

The smell of freshly made pithas and chill of the Northern wind are all welcome aspects of winter. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a break from the everlasting, boiling summer? It’s always fun to bring out comfortable sweaters and get under fuzzy blankets. Until you’ve outgrown them and they begin to collect dust in your closet. Although your trash, they could be someone’s treasure.

Bangladesh is a rapidly developing country. However a tenth of about 161 million people in Bangladesh live below the poverty line, as such they are often ill-equipped to deal with the winter. Most go to bed without blankets and huddle around small fires for warmth. No one knows the struggle better than people living in places such as Rajshahi, Sylhet and Rangpur.

With the aforementioned problems in mind, Shape committed to finding a low cost, no cost project to solve 2 issues at once. As a result we came up with শীতের আশ্রয়, a project to enlighten the cold nights with warm smiles.

With the help of people in the community we gathered over 2500 articles of warm clothes and blankets which would go to those who need it most. Walking all over the busy, winding streets of Dhaka we went door to door collecting donations. Over the days of collection, small bags grew in size, and before we knew it, we were dealing with huge cartons packed full of winter clothes. In the end we had about 9 cartons that were ready to be taken to Rajshahi.

We initially intended to provide clothes to the people of Chor due to how remote the area is. Bordering India, the area has no electricity and it gets deadly cold in the middle of winter. Reaching it was a challenge in itself since Chor is a strip of land enclosed by surrounding river bodies making it only accessible by boats.  However, the overwhelming amount of donations made it possible to reach out to people in Chapainawabganj and the city of Rajshahi. We gave away all that we had and in return brought back countless memories of a thousand smiles. You can rest assured that your generosity will comfort many over the years.

None of this would have been possible without the help of the people that were with us on this journey. A huge thanks to ShareOut for being our partner on this project and helping us collect donations. We also owe our gratitude to Tapered, Amavi, Eastern Influence, Poptags, Mad Koffee, Urban Attire for their help in gathering donations and promoting our project. Finally it goes without saying that we are very grateful to especially the donors and everyone else who helped promote the project. None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you so much for your unfaltering support.

Plabon Poritraan

17th Sept 2020 - 27th Sept 2020

Bangladesh, colloquially referred to as the Land of Rivers, is a country just 5 meters above sea level. Because of this, however, about 26,000 square kilometres (10,000 sq mi, or 18%) of the country is flooded each year, killing over 5,000 people and destroying more than seven million homes. Moreso, the floods this year have been especially devastating. Even when the waters have receded, they have left behind their catastrophic effects on the populace, completely sabotaging the livelihood of those in low income areas.

Financing our campaign by organizing a fundraising gaming tournament, Quest for Valour, Team Shape have embarked on a journey to help the flood stricken people around us. Along with the generous donations from our community, we were contacted by the Purnota Foundation who volunteered to collaborate and extend their resources towards our mission. 

After the preliminary phase of purchasing and packing relief packages a team of volunteers embarked on a journey to mend lives and spread smiles, distributing the packages amongst the people in Gouranagar, Dhaka who were affected by the recent floods. Having relieved more than 300 flood victims during our distribution, our campaign reached its conclusion on the 27th of September. Our initiative added to Bangladesh’s continuous effort of relieving and enriching the quality of life of all those who suffer yearly from these destructive floods.

Quest For Valour

4th Sept 2020 - 5th Sept 2020

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Upon finishing our first-ever campaign, Project Ekota we realised our community is filled with people with hearts of gold. After receiving overwhelming support from our community, which not only met our goals but exceeded them, we felt like our next project should be something that benefits our supporters and the community as well. Hence, we hosted our first ever fundraising gaming tournament, Quest For Valour

Planning for this tournament started almost immediately after the conclusion of Project Ekota, right as August began. Wanting to try something different, we hosted a tournament for the game Valorant to fund our next goal which was to relieve the victims of the destructive floods that are sweeping Bangladesh. Launching a staunch social media campaign to market our tournament we were not only met with 20 enthusiastic teams willing to participate, but also gained a benevolent sponsor in the form of Raphael Teaches.

The tournament was a blazing success, thanks to the colossal support from our community and the gallant spirit of the players that participated. We are eternally grateful towards the people whom we have met, acquainted and worked with organising this tournament.

In the end, teams FaithBaajeKhele and Road2Bronze emerged triumphant at first and second place respectively. We hope to see them in our future projects as well. 

Winning or losing, the tournament has been an enjoyable experience for all those involved, and we are proud to be able to include our lovely community into our projects.

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Project Ekota

5th July 2020 - 24th July 2020

As Covid-19 kept escalating we came up with the idea to do something for the less fortunate among us. We were immensely moved by the difficulties some people had to endure in the status quo. Thus, shape was created to stand by the people who are often overlooked. So began our mission to mend lives and spread smiles.

We launched our first campaign project ekota on the 5th of July and what followed was beyond our wildest imagination. We started by reaching out to the community for donations to finance our campaign. Empowered by the support from the community, we were able to accumulate food rations that would go on to help over 100 families in Wari, an area heavily affected by the lockdown.

Project ekota was completed on the 24th of July. It was a tremendous success and the entire team in shape was overwhelmed by the impact we have had. The smiles of gratitude we witnessed that day will forever inspire us. The project was magical and we hope to reach more people in the future.

This would never have been possible without the support of the people that have been with us throughout the project. For that we sincerely thank you. Nothing would have been possible without your trust and endorsement. We are very grateful for your assistance. All the lives we mend and the smiles we spread are all your doing. We hope that you will continue to aid us in the future. This is only the beginning, until then take care and stay safe. 

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