One act of kindness goes a long way

Shaping Bangladesh, one smile at a time

Who We Are

Shape BD is an organization that is devoted to promoting the welfare of society. We are an organization who tries to create an impact that brings about trickle down benefits. We operate from Bangladesh and are enabled by your generous donations.

Our Approach

We ensure to help those in need in any method possible

In order to make some lives a bit more merry, the team at shape gathers donations and uses them to fund projects that are involved in improving the status quo. We also try to accumulate funds through various fundraisers alongside the donations. Next, these funds are used to acquire various resources which are of paramount importance to the unfortunate. These include, food rations, clothes and medical supplies among other things. In some cases the funds are directly allocated to the needy though we prefer to provide non-monetary aid instead. Once we have gathered the supplies the distribution team sets out to allocate them accordingly.


— Our Mission

Our objective is to help any people we can, we have seen many people suffering and in pain due to unlucky circumstances and seeing this disparity between the common folk and the people in poverty we feel like we had to do something. So using this organisation we aim to help those in need and shape their lives for a better future.


— Our Vision

We want to make the people suffering in our country to feel just a bit better. They are in a lot of pain due to life, other people etc. We want to help any way we can, and set examples for other people to help as well.

Our Goals


Spread awareness on various socio economic issues and how to tackle them


Outmatch the success of project ekota


Build a strong network of supporters 


Improve the livelihood of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of society.


Form partnerships with other organization to enhance our impact.


Promote trickle down benefits in order to bring about sustainable, organic change.

Support Us

Stand with us and make the unfortunate smile