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Quest For Valour

Chapter 2

The immense positivity we received upon having successfully completed our first ever fundraising tournament last year left us overwhelmed with aspiration towards the future. With this morale tucked in our hearts we return this year, with the second chapter of Quest For Valour. We hold onto our roots as Raphael Teaches is the event sponsor for a second time around. As we strive to make an impact bolder than ever before, all funds garnered through this tournament go entirely towards the resolution and prevention of issues surrounding the lack of safe drinking water in Bangladesh. To that end, we are collaborating with Footsteps Bangladesh to contribute to their virtuous project, Project Trishna. 

About Us

Shape is an organization found by a group of friends who are trying to make a difference by standing with the less fortunate. We strive to unite people for a greater cause. Our simple, yet effective plan is to spend every donation on the families who need someone to stand by them. We are proud to say that we, by the grace of The Almighty, have successfully reached 100 families through our first campaign “Project Ekota”. We are eager to have an even greater impact in the future. However, that is only possible with your help as Shape is an organisation for the people run by the people.

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